Over 600 articles and brochures have been written to advance the spiritual, ministerial, and musical welfare of our members. When information is requested that we have not written, we seek to compile it at our earliest convenience.
Over 150 recorded radio messages have been prepared and delivered to supporting members. These pulpit renderings deal with practical Christian living and the complexity of spiritual life. A new recording is released every month and available to those who are interested.
We offer around the clock individual assistance to our members. We stand ready to advise in areas of spiritual maturity, songwriting, recording, releasing to radio, staying busy, domestic disputes, internet effectiveness, taking ministry to the next level, financial well-being and so much more.
We have prayer teams that take your need seriously. With your permission, it can be texted to the prayer team who will deal with the request within minutes, or be e-mailed to a network of several thousand praying partners. We also have chaplains who will personally pray with you.
We are constantly enlarging our internet activity. As we secure resources we are reaching out through the many venues available. As a member, you may also take advantage of these offerings and be linked to our website.
In partnership with Patriot School of the Bible, we offer certification and ordination as Music Ministers. Once certification has been established you can be ordained at the CGMA convention of your choice. We have now ordained 58 into the Lord's service. You may also pursue a degree with Patriot University. Contact us for more information about the courses offered and communication data.