Country Gospel Music Association  

CGMA President & Founder Billy Hale and wife, Donna
President & Founder Billy Hale and wife, Donna
Country Gospel Ministries  Inc. ( CGM ) is a 501(c)3 organization intending to act as a Spiritual partner to those ministering with Country Gospel music. 
Ours is a Divine call, not a chosen venture. We have no personal ambition or financial pursuit. All that we attempt is for the artists well-being and His glory. We are funded by those who believe in our calling and wish to further the ministry aspect of this genre. There is no charge for our service or financial demand upon anyone we serve.
And God said, "The CGMA is my guitar in the earth, the artists are the strings and Billy Hale  is the stringer. When I desire to make music in the world, I will strum  across the strings and make melody in the earth." (Vision given to Gene Andrews )
Country Gospel Music Association (CGMA) is the vehicle for our fellowship and functions. It was designed to act as a home base for those in Country Gospel Ministry, bring them together so they can minister to one another, and represent them in the marketplace.