Our Mission Statement
Originate A Satellite Radio Network
We are attempting to initiate a 24-hour Country Gospel network via satellite. By making it available to stations across America without charge, we hope to advance broadcasting opportunities for Country Gospel recorded music.
Gain Television Exposure
So little has been done to expose this massive media to Country Gospel music. Our continuing effort to network with those in this arena will make a sizeable difference.
Construct a Massive Internet Index
When CountryGospelMusic.com, is complete, it will act as a master index for Country Gospel music and its supporters. It will point the users to the many Country Gospel Web pages, organizations, ministries, printed media, radio and television stations, recording studios, producers, promoters, booking agents, development agencies and so much more.  It will also include a Country Gospel Store for the sale of our artist’s products.
Develop A Marketing Program
It is our intention to set in order a system of promotion to give Country Gospel the high profile attention it has been so often denied. This includes radio, television, print, and the internet. The talented team within this department will also create personal promotional material for our artists such as brochures, autobiographies, audio promo’s and newsletters.
Purchase A Branson Missouri Theater
Branson has more than 40 theaters and has become the live entertainment capital of the world. Nearly ten million folks visit annually. By having our own theater we can be a blessing nightly and use the setting for an international radio and television program.
Institute Our Own Distribution Service
The previous six things listed, when in full bloom, will create an enormous demand for Country Gospel recorded music. While we appreciate the different distribution services currently used in today’s marketplace, we are confident they would not give our genre proper attention. Therefore we will need our own system.