At each regional convention, members who wish to qualify for an award perform under one more more categories per evening (up to 3). At the end of each evening, members who are present cast ballots, after praying for leading from the Holy Spirit, to vote for the members of their choosing to receive an award. On the last night of each convention, and Awards Night is held and those members who receive the most votes will receive a Silver Heart award. These members will automatically be on the ballot at our International Convention for that year.

Silver Heart
Silver Heart Awards are received on the regional level and are voted on by the memberships present at the regional conventions.
Golden Heart
Golden Heart Awards are received on the International level and are voted on by the memberships present at the convention.
Platinum Heart
Platinum Heart Awards are given to anyone who receives a Golden Heart Award in the same category at least three times.
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame Inductees are determined and awarded by the Home Office.
Artists of the Decade
Artists of the Decades are awarded according to who has received the most awards within a ten year period.
Ordinations are earned by taking a series of courses from Patriot University. After receiving certification from Patriot, the individual may be ordained at the convention of their choice.