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CGMA began in May of 1996. Our first member was Richard Kiser of Salem Virginia, who is still active with us.  
At first we charged annual dues, like every other music organization. This method was, in many respects, very unsatisfactory but we continued using it for five years. 
In 2001, we moved our location from Pulaski, Virginia to Branson, Missouri. We also incorporated as a music -ministry" and discontinued annual dues. Billing of all nature was discarded. We have an initial processing fee at the time of admission to assure genuine interest and assist with start-up cost, but no invoices are ever mailed from the Home Office. Our system of operation is not perfect, but it has the witness of the Holy Spirit  upon it. 
We are careful to maintain a positive posture before the Lord and the public. We have no personal agenda, only the pleasure of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We function as a true “ministry" organization.  
Every new member is placed on our Comrade list for one year. Comrades are our means of support but there are no financial commitments or expectations proposed. We leave this up to the Holy Spirit Comrades receive monthly mail that keep them fully informed regarding the progress of the organization, data regarding CGMA functions, ministry documents and financial statements, After the first year we try to determine if they have shown any obvious, continuing interest. If not, we remove them from the Comrade List.  We do not want to impose ourselves upon those who aren’t really interested.  
All artists are also registered on the Regular Membership list. They receive mail and data concerning their Divisional and International Conventions. The processing fee of $50.00 U.S. covers their first year, during which they will receive both the regular and comrade mail. This gives them ample opportunity to know and interact with us. Our communication after the first year is determined by their ongoing interest.  
The Associate Membership was initiated to include those who love Country Gospel music. But do not perform as singers, musicians. etc. Their processing fee is $25.00 U.S. Unlike regular members; they receive all mail the first year and each year thereafter if they remain as comrades.  
When we can no longer locate members we are forced to place them on the suspended list. In our effort to be good stewards, inactive members are also eventually moved to this registry. 
We are always anxious to improve our ministry among our members. If you have ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us. We have learned a lot during these past ten years, but innovation is very important to us. The larger our active membership, the more we must change. May the Lord bless your association with us. 
Membership In any organization requires appropriate consideration. You should never join because it feels like the right thing to do. Here are some appropriate questions to ask yourself. 
  • Am I comfortable with the policies and mission of this organization? 
CGMA was established as a means of assisting Country Gospel artists and bringing them together so that they could assist one another. Our policies and mission statement are available for the asking.  
  • Does the Lord want me to be affiliated with this organization? 
CGMA has never advertised for members. We set out to be a servant to those He sends us. The organization serves as a tool, not the objective. Numbers are not important to us, neither do we compete for attention or proselyte the members of other organizations. 
  • Can I support and recommend this organization to my friends? 
CGMA is ministry oriented and worship centered. We hold annual conventions here and abroad for the explicit purpose of bringing artists and Country Gospel fans together in a Christ-Centered environment. It is our hope that they will become “forever friends” and network together for the benefit of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
We believe in an equal system where each are impacted by each other. The individual is the integral part of the whole and the whole is no more valuable than its attitude toward the integral part.